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Prognosis of Kidney Failure

The kidneys are bean-shaped organs located on either side of the lower back. They are extremely important for the body in that they process waste and toxins before they are sent to the bladder as urine. If the kidney becomes damaged or fails completely, it becomes unable to properly process this waste. This lack of function causes kidney failure, also called renal failure.

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The prognosis of patients with kidney failure varies from person to person due the unpredictable nature of the disease. Factors including: the duration, chances of complications, probable outcomes, and recovery period are all determined by assessing the patient’s distinctive characteristics. Considering each case is unique, it’s necessary to get a full evaluation by a qualified specialist so you can receive the most accurate prognosis for you.

The cause of your kidney failure could have a huge impact on your prognosis. The rate of decline in kidney function depends somewhat on the underlying disorder causing the kidney failure and on how well it is controlled. The following are some common causes of kidney failure:

Prognosis: Chronic vs Acute


Permanent kidney failure often results from this chronic condition and if left untreated it could be fatal. There is also a higher risk of death from stroke or heart attack for individuals with chronic kidney failure. In most cases, chronic kidney failure will continue to progress regardless of treatment. However, there are treatment options available to help halt the progression of chronic kidney failure and alleviate some of the symptoms.


When kidney damage occurs quickly, such as when an accident occurs, it is called acute kidney failure. Those with acute kidney failure are at risk for numerous complications including: seizures, bleeding and coma. However, dialysis effectively treats those life-threatening complications. In most cases, if the cause doesn’t stem from damage to the kidney tissue itself, the patient could possibly make a full recovery.

It’s important to remember, however, that regardless of what type of kidney failure you have, if left untreated it will most certainly lead to death. That’s why it’s important to be aware of kidney failure symptoms so you can contact your doctor at the first signs of kidney failure. Early diagnosis and treatment is key to a favorable prognosis.  Learn about available kidney function and disease tests as well as kidney treatment options at Northeast Georgia Diagnostic Clinic.