Sleep Study Preparation

Prior to your arrival for your sleep study, we want to make sure all of our patients know what to expect when preparing for a sleep study. We also want to ensure we address any questions you may have prior, during and after the sleep study.

Be Sure To Bring
The following items need to be brought to your sleep study.

  • Completed medical / sleep history questionnaire
  • Insurance card
  • Pajamas or other comfortable sleepwear (satin-type fabrics are not recommended
  • Slippers and robe
  • Your pillow(s)
  • All medications you may need, both prescription and non-prescription
  • Toiletries

Arriving on the Night of the Test

Ring the Doorbell
to alert the staff to your arrival. Please be aware that if you arrive more than 30 minutes prior to your appointment time, the technical staff may not yet have arrived and you may not be able to enter the building.

During the Test
After you arrive and have had a chance to settle in your room, you will view a brief video presentation. The application and checking of the monitoring devices will take about 45 minutes. You will have a private bedroom for the test, with a full size bed, comfortable chair, ceiling fan and color TV with remote. At the start of the study, you will be given instructions for performing some simple movements to check the recording, and then the lights will be turned out for you to go to sleep. If you need anything at any time during the test, you will only need to speak, and the technologist will come to your assistance. You will also be able to to get out of bed whenever you need to do so.

After the Test
Your test will be completed by approximately 5:30 am. Your technologist will remove the monitoring devices and allow you to freshen up. Showers are available. You will be asked to complete a post-sleep questionnaire and an evaluation of services form. Please note that your technologist cannot give you any information about your test results.

Test Results
A member of the sleep medicine team will contact you with your test results within 10-14 days. A copy of test results will be forwarded to your primary care physician.

For any questions regarding your study, please call 678-450-3625 or 770-536-9864 during business hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm. If you should need to contact the Sleep Lab on the evening of your study after 5:00 pm, please call 678-523-0080.

Thank you for choosing Northeast Georgia Sleep Medicine!

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