Sleep Disorders

Sleep Disorders

It is estimated that approximately 70 million Americans suffer from some form of sleep disorder.  Many people who have sleep problems have a sleep disorder and should seek the help of sleep specialists.

With at least 84 known types of sleeping disorders, the chances of being able to accurately diagnose a disorder is fairly high.  Having a sleep disorder can not only leave you tired and unproductive during the day, but can also affect your long term health.  People that suffer from a sleep disorder often experience a lower quality of life and can potentially become a public safety risk due the lack of response time when driving or operating industrial equipment.

Some common sleep disorders include:

When diagnosed properly, a sleep disorder can be treated effectively.  At the Northeast Georgia Diagnostic Clinic, we have a team of sleep specialists that can accurately and effectively diagnose and treat your sleep disorder.  If you are suffering from sleep problems and would like to learn more about our sleep lab or if you would like to learn more about sleep disorders, feel free to contact us today. 

Sleep Specialists in Gainesville, Georgia

The Department of Sleep Medicine
Our sleep medicine facility comprised of sleep specialists is located in Gainesville, Georgia.  We serve not only the community of Gainesville, but the North Georgia area as well.