Physical Therapy for Endurance

Physical Therapy for Endurance

When it comes to any surgical operation or prolonged hospitalization, endurance is often affected. For this reason, there are many different physical therapy techniques used specifically to help increase endurance in patients. These exercises include any activity that increases the heart rate and respiratory rate such as: running, walking, dancing, swimming, jogging, biking and many others

In addition to helping increase overall endurance, physical therapy also helps improve the health of the lung, heart and blood vessels and prevents many diseases from occurring. It is recommended that everyone, even those not undergoing physical therapy specifically for endurance purposes, participate in physical activities to keep the body healthy.

Tips for Improving Endurance

It’s important to be patient when it comes to improving endurance, especially if you have recently undergone surgery or hospitalization for any reason.

  • Breath Right: Endurance activities shouldn’t make you breath so hard you can’t speak, so slow down if you get to this point because it can cause dizziness or chest pain.
  • Live Healthy: Eat nutritious food, get enough sleep and be patient with your physical therapy regimen. When building endurance, it requires a lifestyle change accompanied by a solid commitment to the physical exercises themselves.
  • Drink Water: You should not only take sips of water during physical therapy exercises, but you should also drink water all day long to stay hydrated. It’s important to nourish the body and help it heal quicker.