Northeast Georgia Diagnostic Clinic

Physical Therapy Candidates

Physical therapy has been used for years to help people function on a day to day basis with minimal pain and discomfort. Physical therapy consists of a therapist assessing a patient's ability to function, monitoring motor function, improving balance and coordination, increasing muscle strength, improving range of motion, creating treatment plans for the rehabilitation facility as well as at home, and recording a patient's progress. They also instruct patients on how to use therapeutic medical devices such as canes and crutches, wheelchairs, braces, artificial limbs...etc.

The advantages of physical therapy for individuals that require it are bountiful and the results for most are life altering.  While physical therapy is usually required for those with permanent disabilities, other people benefit greatly from physical therapy sessions as well. Those people include:

  • People who have suffered a major injury or accident.
  • Cancer and stroke patients greatly benefit from physical therapy.
  • Those suffering from crippling diseases like arthritis, low back pain, or cerebral palsy.
  • Children coping with issues such as developmental delays or muscle and joint weaknesses that could happen in their early years.
  • Anyone suffering from any type of pain can benefit greatly from physical therapy. It can also be used in conjunction with medications, chiropractic care.
  • As people age, physical therapy may be necessary to revamp aging bones, muscles, etc.

Physical therapy uses non-invasive techniques to promote healing and restore function in individuals that need it. Physical therapy also focuses on health, fitness, and overall well-being. Most people can benefit from physical therapy, so it is important to discuss this method of rehabilitation with your doctor.