Northeast Georgia Diagnostic Clinic’s In House Pharmacy

At Northeast Georgia Diagnostic Clinic, we have a full-service pharmacy right onsite so you can pick up your prescriptions at the same place you receive medical care; all within the same visit.

Our goal is to continually find ways to serve your better; we’ve found yet another way to provide you with the best medical care. The in house Pharmacy makes it easier for you to fill your prescription and complete your care.

The Diagnostic Clinic Pharmacy is a full-service pharmacy that accepts all major insurance plans; we also offer generic prescriptions with competitive pricing. The only difference between our pharmacy and your neighborhood pharmacy is that you can pick you prescription up on the way out the door from your medical care visit – no need to make an additional stop.

Pharmacy photo

Filling and refilling your prescriptions are available to you in three convenient options:

  1. Call us or bring your prescription in, and we’ll start the process of filling or refilling;
  2. When your prescription is filled, we can contact you by email or by text message to let you know when it is ready;
  3. You can even choose to have your prescription automatically refilled and mailed directly to you right on schedule.

Steps to Convenience

Questions about your medicine?

If you ever have questions about your medications, there is no better pharmacist to ask than ours at Northeast Georgia Diagnostic Clinic’s pharmacy. You’ll be sure to find all of the assistance you need with our friendly and knowledgeable in house pharmacy staff.

Pharmacy phone: 678-450-7855

Fax number: 678-450-7857

Pharmacy Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

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