DirectCare Highlights

DirectCare Highlights

Comprehensive Annual Wellness Examination

Although the DirectCare Program does not include nor does it require a Comprehensive Annual WellnessExamination, participants in the DirectCare Program are encouraged to schedule a Comprehensive WellnessExamination on an annual basis. This extended wellness exam, not in connection with any illness or injury,is designed to proactively safeguard your health on a regular basis, to enhance the physician-patientrelationship and to create a solid foundation for future care.

The exam generally includes a detailed physical examination, a complete review of your medical historyand risk factors using health questionnaires and direct interview tools, vision & hearing testing,chest x-ray, EKG, spirometry and body fat analysis, all of which are performed in my office. A comprehensivelab panel including a urinalysis, complete blood count, cholesterol panel, liver profile, kidney profile,blood sugar, electrolytes, HgA1C, thyroid panel, C-reactive protein and PSA (for men) is also performed. When all results from your Comprehensive Annual Wellness Exam are complete, I will call you personallyto discuss them or arrange a follow-up appointment for discussion if necessary.

Most insurance plans provide some level of benefit coverage for wellness exams. We will bill your insuranceplan(s) for the services provided in the Comprehensive Wellness Examination; and subject to the termsof your insurance coverage, you will be responsible for any relevant copayments, coinsurance or deductibles. As a participant in the DirectCare Program, you may be entitled to a discount on charges related to theComprehensive Annual Wellness Examination that are non-covered services.

Services Provided by the DirectCare Program

The DirectCare Program includes the services listed below, and only includes services that are NOT coveredby your insurance (the services included in the DirectCare Program shall be referred to herein as "DirectCareServices").
  • Personalized, Portable Medical Information - Following completion of a Comprehensive Annual Wellness Exam, you will be provided with a bound, personalized and detailed report of your exam. This report is far more comprehensive and detailed than the typical medical records you might request from other physician(s). It provides detailed results and explanations, in easy to understand terms, of all the tests/procedures performed as part of your exam. Additionally, a USB flash drive containing your current medical information and data will be provided to you. This format will allow you to have all your important medical information at your fingertips when you are traveling or whenever you may need it.
  • Private Waiting Area - A private waiting area is provided exclusively for DirectCare patients. The waiting area provides a peaceful area for you and your family members to relax and includes amenities such as fresh coffee, beverages, snacks and up-to-date magazines.
  • Same Day/Next Business Day Appointments for Non-Urgent Problems - Appointments will be scheduled for minor and non-urgent medical problems the same or next business day that you call.
  • Little or No Office Wait Time - You will be seen promptly at the time of your appointment.
  • Extended Time with Physician During Your Appointment - Comprehensive Annual Wellness Exam appointments will be scheduled for sixty (60) minutes and all other appointments for thirty (30) minutes, allowing ample time to address your healthcare needs.
  • Personal Response During Office Hours - During office hours, the DirectCare staff will respond to your phone calls. If the DirectCare staff is unable to respond to your call immediately, your call will be returned promptly the same day. I will make every effort to speak with you personally at the time of your call if you deem your problem to be urgent.
  • My Personal Cell Phone Number for After Hours Emergencies - DirectCare patients are provided with my personal cell phone number so that they may reach me for urgent medical problems that occur outside my regular office hours. If possible, I want to hear from you when you are ill or injured before you go to the hospital or urgent care center or in the event of a life threatening emergency, immediately after you have called 911.
  • Personal Hospital Care - In the event that you require hospitalization, I will personally supervise your care and assist in the coordination of your care with other specialists, rather than utilizing a hospitalist service.
  • E-mail Communication - You will be provided with an email address as a means of communicating with me or the DirectCare staff. E-mail is a convenient, informal means of communicating with me or my staff on non-urgent questions related to your health.
  • Periodic Medical Education Clinics - On a periodic basis, I will host group medical education clinics where you will have the opportunity to hear me and/or other medical professionals speak on various medical topics. This will provide you with information on subjects that are relevant to you.
  • Timely E-mails on Medical Topics of Interest - I will forward periodic e-mails on subjects of interest to you. I want patients to understand my viewpoint on important health topics in the media. My hope is to help you navigate through the vast amount of available health information. I welcome your thoughts on topics of interest.

Important Insurance Information

  • Commercial Insurance Patients - I will remain an "in-network" provider for most insurance plans. For services not included in the DirectCare Program that may be covered by your insurance, we will continue to bill your insurance plan(s) for those services; and subject to the terms of your insurance coverage, you will be responsible for any relevant copayments, coinsurance or deductibles. Patients will be financially responsible for any services not included in the DirectCare Program that are not covered by their insurance.
  • Traditional Medicare Patients - We will continue to bill Medicare and your supplemental insurance on your behalf for Medicare-covered services.

Annual DirectCare Program Fee

Patients desiring to enroll in the DirectCare Program will be required to pay an annual fee of $1,300.

Payment of the DirectCare Program Fee

Payment of the Annual DirectCare Program Fee may be made by check, Visa, MasterCard, American Expressor Discover Card. Semi-annual payments of the Annual DirectCare Program Fee will be accepted by creditcard only.

If you have further questions, please call 678-450-7888. We will be happy to assist you.