Specialized Services

Specialized Services

Pre-Diabetes Care

If you have been diagnosed, or at risk for Pre-Diabetes this program is for you. You will learn to makesome changes to your lifestyle for preventing or delaying the onset of diabetes, impacting the healthof your family, and improving their quality of life. This program includes group and individual sessions.

Insulin Pump Program

Intensive insulin management will often naturally progress to an insulin pump and possible continuous glucose monitoring. The service included in the insulin pump program included carbohydrate counting education,insulin pump selection, insulin pump training, adjustments to insulin regimen, and follow ups for additional adjustments and advanced pump education.  Learn about insulin resistance

Continuous Glucose Monitoring System

If you have erratic and difficult to control blood glucoses, CGMS offers an opportunity to be monitored24 hours per day for 3-5 days via an implantable sensor inserted in our office. The test allows for detectionsof lows and highs in those who may have lost their own ability to sense blood glucose swings. It alsoallows the endocrinologist and CDE to evaluate your current regimen and to decide how it needs to beadjusted or changed to improve your blood glucose control.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring for personal use

For clients who have lost the ability to sense lows and highs and have safety issues a personal continuous glucose monitoring system may be right choice. The physicians and educators will help select the device, take care of the paperwork, train client on new system, and make necessary adjustments for improved glucose control.  Learn how to check your blood glucose.

Nutritional Counseling

A comprehensive nutrition program is available at NGDC through are registered dietitian (see Nutrition).Those services include: Individualized nutrition counseling, diabetes and meal planning, Resting Metabolic Rate testing (for thoseinterested in losing or gaining weight), Heart Healthy classes, Prednisone class, Chronic Kidney Classes,weight loss, wellness, sports nutrition, food allergies, GI disorders and more. Your insurance often covers diabetes education and nutrition counseling.

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