Philips Respironics Recall Notice:
Philips Respironics issued a Recall Notification for some CPAP and BiLevel PAP devices and mechanical ventilators due to potential health risks related to foam used in the devices. To learn more, visit the Philips Website and review FDA’s Safety Communication and FAQs. For questions about the Philips recall, please contact Philips at 1-877-907-7508.


Diabetes Education

Diabetes Education Program

Diabetes is a chronic disease that requires patients to actively self-manage their disease to minimize complications and improve their quality of life. To do this effectively, they must be well-informed about the latest behaviors, medications, and technologies that help maintain better blood glucose control. Advances in diabetes management are happening quickly, with new glucose sensors, glucose sensor augmented insulin pumps, and many new medications being introduced every year that can dramatically improve quality of life and safety. Our NGDC Diabetes Education Program is recognized by the American Diabetes Association, and our Certified Care and Education Specialists work together with our patients’ providers to help patients achieve success in diabetes management.

Diabetes Education

Northeast Georgia Diagnostic Clinic has two Certified Diabetes Education and Care Specialists (CDCES), who have extensive knowledge and experience in diabetes prevention and advanced management. Mitzi Lovell BSN, RN, CDCES, CDTC, and Amy Roark, RDN, CSSD, LD, CDCES, CDTC are both Certified Diabetes Technology Clinicians (CDTC). They possess expertise in the latest personalized technologies which can assist patients in more successfully managing their diabetes. The team also includes Clara Satterfield, CMA who is the program assistant and answers the phones with empathy, knowledge and skill to take care of any diabetes education concerns. NGDC uses a collaborative approach with patients’ providers to maximize success in personal diabetes management.

Endocrinologists are trained to diagnose and treat diseases related to the glands and hormones in the body, including diabetes, thyroid and hormone diseases.

Endocrinologists are trained to diagnose and treat diseases related to the glands and hormones in the body, including diabetes as well as thyroid and hormone diseases. We have seven board certified endocrinologists and a physician assistant: Cacia Soares-Welch, MD; Matthey Harris, MD; Eniki Mack, MD; Jennifer John, MD; Sreedevi Veluvarti, MD; Deep Shikha, MD, Lisa Price, PA, and Esther Lee, MD (joining in June 2020).

We encourage you to give us a call today at 770-536-9864 to learn more about our specialized diabetes services and to speak to one of our diabetes educators.

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