Cancer Care

Cancer Care

The Northeast Georgia Diagnostic Clinic offers comprehensive cancer care from a team of caring  physicians and healthcare professionals.  These professionals are  dedicated to helping cancer patients live their lives to the fullest while receiving the best medical care available. Our team is made up of board certified oncologists and registered nurses with decades of experience and a heartfelt commitment to offering patients the latest advances in oncology care.

If surgery is necessary, our oncologists work closely with your surgeon and will oversee your follow-up care. 

Chemotherapy, radiation therapy and imaging services are coordinated through our office. Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy may receive their treatments in our facilities. Chemotherapy is a treatment using cancer-fighting drugs. There are different ways to give chemotherapy but the most common route is administered into the vein. Like any other drug, chemotherapy has side effects and the severity depends upon the drug and the individual. Before chemotherapy is started, the doctor thoroughly explains the specific plan of treatment, the side effects and which symptoms need to be reported immediately.

The Diagnostic Clinic Department of Oncology participate in national oncology clinical trials so that our patients may benefit from new drugs coming into the cancer fighting arsenal.

A diagnosis of cancer can be physically and emotionally overwhelming for the patient and his or her family. It is our goal to help you through this difficult time by providing the services,  supports and personal attention you need.